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Does it feel like you are always  playing catch-up with talent planning?

We eliminate chaos, low morale, knowledge loss, and missed talent opportunities by facilitating thoughtful succession planning, leadership insights and coaching journeys.

We focus on 3 impact coaching journeys:

Founder/ CEO coaching

Founders spend much of their time on people issues like culture, team dynamics, hiring, and conflict resolution which can divert focus from strategic business tasks. Founder coaching offers a way to develop skills and tools  in managing these challenges.

Transition Coaching

We support individuals transitioning between corporate and startup environments, offering personalized guidance to navigate the unique challenges of each landscape. Our tailored approach empowers talent to confidently adapt and excel in their new career chapter.

HR Functional & Leadership coaching

Elevate HR leadership with tailored strength based and just-in-time coaching, designed to empower HR professionals to navigate the unique challenges of scaling startups. From talent acquisition strategies to culture building, we provide personalized guidance to drive organizational success.

How does succession planning fit into the big picture?

Talent sustainability through connecting the dots

Business roadmap 

Talent strategy

Critical role identification

Organisation design 

Leadership development assessment & roadmap

Career journey


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