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co:grow is deeply rooted by the growth mindset and the championing the death of best practices. These fundamental mindsets are embedded in our advisory methodology and product deliveries, as well as how we engage with our community through publishing and speaking engagements.




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"The book and speakers with extensive HR experience gave rich examples and energies, giving a HR outsider hope for what HR's role could be in a great business"

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For Book Order

In The Death of Best Practices: Reimagining HR through Cultivating Growth Mindset, Dr. Susan Chen invites you to explore HR leadership centered around curiosity and grit and not the standard "been-there" and "done-that" playbooks from best practices.


The Death of Best Practices is written by an HR practitioner for HR practitioners. Dr. Chen guides you through a self-reflective inquiry approach designed as a starting point for your growth practice journey. Dr. Chen's HR Growth Mindset Framework will serve as the guide for you to find the path to activate your curiosity, practice your grit, and become a growth-minded HR leader.


You can order The Death of Best Practices: Reimagining HR through Cultivating a Growth Mindset here, right now!


Speaker Engagement enquires

Get in touch if you want a speaker passionate about growth mindset, curiosity & People function transformation!

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