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In every organization, there is a passionate group of people obsessed with leading with the future in mind.

 At co:grow, we believe that there is no one best practice approach to solving organizational challenges. Your vision of the future is - uniquely yours. The Future of Work is not a reaction to the future, but an active creation of the world you want to operate in.


We partner with growth-minded leaders to co-create and realise your vision of Future of Work

cogrow human resources
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Transforming the People function

During an unprecedented time, many look to the People function for support and guidance. At the same time, HR as a profession and function continues to transform and, for the most part, struggles to deliver on the promise of a brighter, more flexible, and deeply engaged future workforce.

co:grow is built on a deep-rooted optimism that the People function is at the forefront of the next wave of changes, accelerated by the pandemic and a shift in our fundamental work structure. Now, it is even more important that HR leaders not only see the possibilities, but that they practice a different way of thinking and working together to run and own business performance.

Our mission is to work with you to break free from a best practice mindset and deliver on your one-of-the-kind organizational transformational vision, together, by reimagining your HR function. We do this through  consultative projects, fractional leadership and co:lab learning experiences. 

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Future Of Work

The Future of Work is an informed perspective about how work structures and the way we work could fundamentally shift. The Future of Work perspective is also an opportunity for organisations and teams to take a proactive step to not just react to the future, but to create the world you want to operate in.


Our mission is to partner with you to co-create that vision, and turn them into sustainable futuristic workplace practices.


What is keeping you up at night?

cogrow hr

Our Mission

cogrow hr
cogrow hr

Our mission is to be the partners for visionary and growth minded leaders everywhere, to not only dream about the future, but to create them, together.


co:grow officially kicked off in 2023 with the deep-rooted optimism for the People function and the Future of Work. co:grow embodies the spirit of co-creation and growth, with the colon symbol (:) serving as the reminder of how we must challenge ourselves and client partners to think about the direct relationship between co-creation and sustainable organisational growth.


Inundated by the shifts in the  post-pandemic world and through in-depth conversations with various business leaders, we felt the sense of urgency and need across the industry to support our client partners to prepare for that future.

Susan Chen
Dr. Susan Chen
Dr Susan P. Chen
Founder and Advisory Partner

For nearly two decades, Susan has worked with teams and leaders to develop talent strategies and interventions that build capabilities for sustainable growth across a broad range of companies. Susan has worked and lived in Taiwan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Norway, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Susan received her PhD with a focus on knowledge management from the University of Stavanger, Norway, and has a Masters in International Human Resource Management from London School of Economics and is currently pursuing her Masters of Digital Education. Her most recent publication is a book on "The Death of Best Practice".

Susan believes in the power of human resources as a function to transform business outcomes and people's experiences. Susan has worked with diverse companies, including a health care startup in Indonesia, the first decacorn technology platform in Indonesia that went public, a fintech multinational company in Singapore, a national energy company in Norway, and a gaming and entertainment company headquartered in the United States.

Susan holds the people investment thesis that the fundamental growth of human potential can only be unlocked and amplified through a growth mindset. Susan is also a strategic advisor and angel investor in various education and people technology startups searching to transform learner impact and learning and career outcomes.

Our Delivery Partners

 Our core partners work collaboratively with co:grow to deliver on end-to-end organisational transformation experiences: 

New Campus

Leadership Development

New Campus for cohort based people & leadership development learning experiences

The Change School

Purpose Discovery & Development Programs

The Change School for experiences, tools and workshops for change. 


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Let's co-create! 

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